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This error can occur when trying to download a torrent.
If you see this error message, there is something wrong about your account. According to the text in this error, you can see that you have a very low SeedBonus

Error: You do not have Seedbonus!
Downloading this torrent requires 20 seedbods.
You have 15 seedbods.
All you have to do is sow what you have so far downloaded. For every Torrent / Hour-seed you get 0.5 Sb.
We believe you will be able to download it soon. We wish you good luck!
If you can not understand how this could happen, please read: FAQ, Rules, Wiki or Forum (or All).

Simply seeds, seeds, and seeds again. As written above in the preview, for seeds are seed points, for seedbody you can download some exclusive torrents.
(The number of Seedboats per hour of seed is given here for orientation, at this time may be different.)

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